Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Halloween Fun!

Pumpkin I carved


Guys grilling.
So last night we had over some friends and their kiddos for a Halloween party. We set up our bounce house, grilled some burgers, and enjoyed one another's company. The kids wore their costumes and looked ADORABLE! We even had some fun crafts to make! The ladies had fun talking about old urban legends and the guys made their way up to the "man cave" (media room) to check out Greg's latest projects in there.

Kailey and Emma

Kailey and Ethan

Kailey loved being a black cat and even meowed at a few of our guests!

Bake- A-Thon

With Halloween being tomorrow we have been really busy with pre-Halloween parties. Kailey and I have been heating up the kitchen with lots of yummy Halloween treats. We made chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes and carmel apples. Kailey loved helping me with everything. When we made the pretzels she helped add the sprinkles, she "tested" the cupcakes for me and she helped wash the apples for the carmel apples. Kailey really loves to be my helper in the kitchen and I must say she does a darn good job! Below are some of our creations!
Chocolate Covered Pretzels

carmel apples- YUM!

Halloween Cupcakes!

Yummy Halloween Treats!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MIrror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...
Greg and I have a "project" list of things we would like to do around the house. I usually don't take pictures of our projects, but for once I did! This latest completed project were the frames around the mirrors in the bathrooms. I wanted to "dress" up the look of the mirrors, Greg did all the work- cutting the wood, staining it to match the cabinets and putting it all together. I think the finished product looks great! We plan on doing the same thing in the other 3 bathrooms- but we started with our bathroom.
Greg really enjoys doing things around the house and that is a good thing since our project list is LONG!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Mommy and Kailey

Making candy popcorn balls "Trunk or Treating"

Mommy and Kailey Look at my lion!

Daddy and Kailey playing games

Beautiful girl in the pumpkin patch!

We really had a fun (and busy) weekend. I especially loved having some quality family time!
Our weekend went something like this... Friday night we ordered to-go from Chili's, Kailey went to bed early so Greg and I were able to catch up on all of our DVR'ed shows.

Saturday we started the day with a quick workout and a trip to Target, then we headed to the Harvest Festival- it was pretty fun, booths, hay rides, games, inflatables, etc. We left there, picked up some lunch and headed home so Kailey could nap. While Kailey napped Greg worked on some painting. He watched the LSU game while Kailey and I headed to a football themed birthday party. Kailey really had fun with her friends and had a ton of fun chasing Kaleb around and kissing him:) After the party we came home to get Daddy and headed to the church Fall Festival- it was SO FUN! Lots of games, a pumpkin patch, food, music, costume contest, firetrucks, clowns, and oh so much more. We even did some "trunk or treating" it was lots of fun. Kailey went around trying to scare everyone... She would walk by and say "BOO." It was really cute. After the festival we headed home, put Kailey to bed and Greg and I got a chance to play some card games together- it was really nice to just chill for a bit.
Sunday we went to church and Sunday School and then to lunch with our great friends Crystal, Justin and Jackson. After lunch Kailey took a nap, I headed to the grocery store and then last night we went to another Halloween party. Kailey and Daddy had fun making popcorn balls, jumping in the playhouse, walking through the "fun house" and doing some more "trunk or treating." Kailey dressed as an LSU cheerleader since it was still pretty warm outside. After we left the party Kailey was tuckered out- she was in bed by 7:30pm!

Finger Painting FUN!

Kailey REALLY loves to fingerpaint! We have always done lots of arts and crafts, but I was usually the one that ended up doing most of the work, but these past couple of weeks Kailey has really taken to fingerpainting. She sits in her highchair and just gets down to business. Of course I plan on keeping all of her "art" and will send some to the grandparents.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ready to go!

Great friends: Jen, Marisa, Charli, Me!

So last night was one of the most fun childless nights I have ever had. Some of my Mommy friends all get together for some spooky Halloween fun. We all (well most of us) dressed up like witches and headed to Marisa's for a night that would prove to be very memorable. I decided to wear some crazy long eyelashes and boy did they prove to be a hit! Marisa set up an awesome Halloween spread outside with Halloween decor, spooky music and yummy fondue. We had cheese fondue and three chocolate fondues- YUMMY!!! We all sat around outside, eating and of course gabbing the night away. As it got later and we all realized how fun it was to be out without the kids we started cuttin' a rug in the backyard. I believe that Thriller was even part of the mix- yes it is a funny thing to picture 15 Moms dancing in witches hats in the dark.

It was a really great night- I am reminded of how wonderful my friends are!

Emily, Me, Jen, Frances

Me with crazy fake eyelashes and Beautiful Dana!

Me, Marisa, Dana, Frances

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

After Strollerfit we headed over to the Pumpkin Patch with some friends. Kailey and her friends really had fun playing with the pumpkins, playing in the hay, listening to a story about pumpkins and then of course selecting the "perfect" pumpkin to take home. Kailey really loved the HUGE pumpkins, she climbed all over them and even rolled a few of them away. She also found it fun to KISS the pumpkins that we didn't buy. It was really sweet and gross at the same time. After the patch we enjoyed a yummy lunch at a mexican restaurant with our friends.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Olympic Track Star???

Our Little Track Star- with perfect form and everything!!!!
Daddy was WAY behind!
Daddy coming out from his hiding spot.
Still running

Kailey and Greg have this cute night time ritual. Almost every night before bed Kailey will go to the front door, turn around, count to three and then take off right for us. She LOVES for Daddy to race her, as she always beats him. Last night she must have ran the strip from our front door, around the kitchen, and back to the door 50 TIMES, she was running, and running, and running. After racing Daddy for a LONG time, she wanted to play hide and seek, she would hide in the pantry, we would search for her and then she would take off running again. I swear, Kailey has SO MUCH ENERGY!!! She is already so naturally athletic. She loves to kick balls, throw balls, does sit-ups, push-ups, squats and lots of StrollerFit moves, and she even has great form in her running! We love our night time "olympics" when Kailey beats Daddy every time!
Such a happy girl
Smiling at Daddy
My break spot

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Libby the "Escapee"

As most of you know we have two dogs, Buddy Lee and Libby. While we love them very much they have been quite mischievous pretty much since the day they were born. When we lived in Baton Rouge their digging was uncontrollable, BL would dig holes deep enough for him to hide in and Libby would dig just for the sake of being a pain in the butt. Well, when we moved to Texas Greg built this really nice dog run for them, it is perfect- keeps them contained and keeps the dog poop contained. There is NOTHING more gross than dog poop all over the yard, that is the LAST thing I want Kailey or the other kids that come to play stepping in- IT'S JUST GROSS! So, they have been contained to the run, they love it. Greg even laid chicken wire throughout their run before our sod was laid to prevent them from digging. (and it has worked)

Well, when Hurricane Ike came and blew part of our brick fence down they saw the opening to FREEDOM. (We are still waiting for HOA to fix it) Libby decided that she wanted to see what the other side of the wall looking like so she managed to JUMP OUT OF THE RUN, yes folks, over the 5 foot fence. I looked out and saw her at the back door- I opened it up and OFF she went-- OUT the back fence and to the road:( I started to cry and was chasing her down barefoot, with Kailey on my hip. I was calling her name and she would not listen. Thankfully, the yard guys saw her and whistled for her and she ran to them, they helped me get her back and when Greg got home he built the fence even higher so our circus dog cannot escape again. I will be SO HAPPY when the HOA fixes our back brick fence- then if BL and LL decide to escape they will still be contained within our yard.
Don't be fooled folks- LL isn't the only "escapee" of the family, BL escaped last week. When Greg was in Austin I went to feed him and he pushed his way out and paraded around the yard while I yelled for him to come back. He actually listened and came back to his kennel, Greg says I need show my dominance to him, but really when do I have time to "dominate" a dog?!?! BL is just stubborn. He is certainly the planner of the two. He plans the escapes and LL executes them. Never under-estimate the brains of our four legged friends:)
Buddy Lee the "con artist"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lipstick Junkie

We all know that Kailey is about as girly as they get. Well, today she got even more girlie! I was getting ready while Kailey was supposed to be eating breakfast. I came out to check on her and she was putting on my LIPSTICK! I didn't think we would be crossing this bridge this early, but boy was a wrong. She was a PRO! She knew EXACTLY what to do and she even rubbed her lips together after she had applied her first, of many, coats!
She was so patient while she was putting on her lipstick. She carefully put the wand into the container, then ever so carefully brought the wand up to her lips and then slowly applied the pink color to her lips. After she had her lips covered, she moved on to her teeth! I guess she saw some old lady with lipstick on her teeth and thought that was how you did it?!?!
After she was done, she closed up the lipstick and put it in her purse. I tried to take it back, since it is mine, but that was NOT HAPPENING! She was NOT going to give up her new found love. I guess I should add lipstick to the LONG list of things I will have to hide from Kailey-- other things on the list include: jewelry, eye shadow, deodorant, mascara, nail polish and pretty much any other personal grooming items!

She is just SO DARN CUTE!