Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MDO- FIRST day of School!

Kailey started MDO about 3 weeks ago... SHE LOVES IT!! We went to meet the teacher day and she wasn't too sure about it all, we met her two sweet teachers, the music teacher and the PE teacher. Yes, they actually go to music and PE in addition to regular "school." The first day went pretty well, she was sad when we left, but the teachers said she only cried for about a minute after we left and then she was fine! On day 2 she walked right in looked back at me and said "bye Mommy, see you after lunch." It was bittersweet, so glad she loves it, but a little sad that she loves it enough to just say bye:( They have a really tight schedule and do lots of fun things in class. She has already come home singing new songs and she loves to talk about her friends at school and what they do each day. One of my great friends sons is in Kailey's class so Kailey loves to talk about Ben and they sit by each other at lunch everyday. There are only 7 kids in her class and 2 teachers.

She goes twice a week, it has been really great to experience a little "freedom" for those few hours. I got my hair done one day, ran errands another and now that I go to the doctor weekly I go whenever she is in school. It will also be nice once baby arrives as it will give me some time with just baby. Kailey loves her school and I can't wait to see what wonderful things she learns this year!

This was her first project... They each made a collage so if they get sad at school they can look at all the people who love them!

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